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Krystina on the Radio: Amy's Table

Amy says "I love Krystina’s suggestion for a cookie gift that keeps on giving!  Create your own Cookie of the Month club and send your friends home baked cookies every month." To listen to interview and see Krystina's shared tips for decorating cookies click here


"What an awesome cookie cookbook!

Lola’s diner and Sited and blogged love the healthy cookies. They say "I can't wait to try out the Banana Oatmeal Cookies" For sited and blogged click here or lola's diner click here


Mulled wine cookies featured

Gratitude Gourmet is inspired by all of the recipes in the book and features Mulled Wine cookie recipe. For review and recipe click here.

Kicking off Cookie Season

Mint Candy Butter Cookies Recipe on Jessie says "Black friday was red and white and buttery all over, baby!" Click here.

They are so swapable!

Peace and Sweetness

Jessie at cake says "Fact: you could use a little bit of zen before the tidal wave of holidays that's about to descend upon us. Or at least you could use a little something to get you through this sometimes supremely stressful time of year.

My advice: get stoned. That is to say...make Zen Stone cookies!"

Zen stone cookies

A cookie book for the visual baker!

My springfield mommy says "If you are visual like me you will be excited to know that most of the cookies featured have an image to go along with them. Another great feature of this book is that Krystina Castella takes the time to explain how to make the cookies from ingredients to the equipment needed to bake." Click here for review.


Smart Cents Mom Holiday Gala

Smart cents mom says "This cookbook would be a great gift idea for beginner bakers, moms, newlyweds, or anyone who loves to cook!"  Enter here to win.


Your break from insanity!

Tastespotting is giving away a copy of Crazy about Cookies. To enter and read review click here.

What a great book! It's not your typical cookbook.

Lisa from Stop and smell the chocolates bakes the Chunky candy cookies and says " The whole beginning section of the book is all about equipment, ingredients, and techniques for making cookies.  Very helpful if you're not not a cookie expert. And the cookies are fantastic!!  So rich and chocolatey - just one will satisfy your chocolate craving! "  For book review and recipe click here.

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Momentous moment in baking history

At first Erin had reservations about these vegan ginger cookies but they ended up exactly how she likes them-soft and chewy. She says “it seemed as though the spice gods were seriously looking out for my frugal well-being.”  For article and recipe click here.

Vegan Ginger Cookies

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